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Cache (noun) A hardware or software component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster.

xCache – The Technology Behind Cache and Sync

In the Morro cached cloud storage architecture, an on-premises CacheDrive built on xCache is used to speed up the local file transfers and to act as a buffer to sync with the cloud. Advantages include much higher file transfer performance, Internet bandwidth reduction, and saving of disk space on the user’s PCs. Each CacheDrive has a large 1TB cache, which keeps most frequently used files in the cache for fast access and for group sharing. With xCache and our GFS, all permissible files are visible to the user at any location.

The Morro Global File System

The Morro Global File System (GFS) is designed to handle syncing of files among multiple CacheDrives. The GFS is built on our Morro Sync Engine. The unique advantages of the Morro Sync Engine are scalability, accuracy in resolving conflicts, and multiple-tiers from cache to cloud.

Centralizes Device Management with Morro Cloud Manager

Manage devices in your offices globally, including setup, reboot, shut down and user management

Deploy devices remotely in minutes

Setting up Morro devices in both local and remote offices is a breeze.


Manage devices, users, and storage globally

Simply manage cloud storage as if managing a local server without the pain of hardware maintenance or software patches.


Reduce storage costs with Morro Analytics

Understand data usage in order to optimize storage for cost savings.

Echo for OneDrive

Are you an Office 365 User with OneDrive? Sync your Morro Data account with your One Drive Account and sync folders between the systems easily. Drop a file into your CacheDrive and have it instantly appear in your OneDrive folder or vice versa.

Echo for Dropbox

Do your clients use Dropbox? Sync your Morro Data account with your Dropbox Account and sync folders between the systems easily. Have your clients drop a file into their Dropbox account and have it instantly available on your CacheDrive or vice versa.