Multi-Office Sync

Morro enables companies with two or more offices to synchronize their files in real-time

Single File View

Access all your file as if they are on one file server.

Cloud First

The cloud is the primary storage location for your files providing you with reliability, accessibility and scalability of your file storage.

LAN Performance

Access your files 100x faster than traditional cloud. No need to VPN to a remote location to access your files.

Low Bandwidth

Sync sends only the metadata so you can see all of your files but only download what you need reducing bandwidth usage at all your locations.

Large File Sizes

Large files can be downloaded once and shared by all users at any location. Copy your files to the CacheDrive at 100x faster than cloud. Set it and forget it. Once the file is copied to the drive, we take care of the rest.

Built to Sync

All-in-One solution for sharing files at all your locations. No need for additional sync software or VPNs. Simply plug in a CacheDrive at your location and all your files will be available.

How it Works

Cache and Sync

Morro CacheDrive

Morro Sync Engine

Your Cloud

Cache (noun) A hardware or software component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served faster.

See how your offices would sync with the Morro Sync Engine

Request a Demo

Request a live demo and one of our specialists will get in touch with you to schedule a demonstration of how our product works

Centralized Device Management with Morro Cloud Manager

Manage devices in your offices globally including setup, reboot, shut down and user management

Deploy devices remotely in minutes

Setting up Morro devices in both local and remote offices is a breeze.


Manage devices, users, and storage globally

Simply manage cloud storage as if managing a local server without the pain of hardware maintenance or software patches.


Reduce storage costs with Morro Analytics

Understand data usage in order to optimize storage for cost savings.

Perfect for…

Design Agencies



Media & Entertainment


Oil & Gas

An Enterprise Storage Solution
Built for the SMB.