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Real-world Businesses Benefit from a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

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August 01, 2018
Real-world Businesses Benefit from a Hybrid Cloud Storage Solution

Hybrid cloud storage solutions are helping businesses in a wide range of industries continue enjoying the performance and usability benefits of an on-premises network attached storage (NAS) device while also benefiting from the flexibility and scalability of a cloud-based storage solution. By blending the best of both worlds, hybrid cloud storage solutions eliminate the need for large investments in storage hardware, backup hardware, and replication licenses while making it easier than ever before to store and share files amongst multiple office locations.

But in addition to these benefits, hybrid cloud is also helping many businesses maximize efficiency, better meet evolving customer needs, and increase revenue opportunities. This is the case with Network Management, LLC, a managed service provider (MSP) that is serving a client base with increasingly complex infrastructure and support needs which leads to shifting requirements. Continuing to maintain “business as usual” with traditional on-premises storage would have quickly led to disaster because they’d be unable to keep pace with their customers’ needs – resulting in losing business and tarnishing their reputation.

Understanding the need to grow and evolve to meet the growing needs of their client base, Network Management realized that hybrid cloud presented a unique opportunity for them to add a storage solution to their list of services. They were able to immediately help an existing customer efficiently share files amongst its employees. Prior to approaching Network Management, the customer had been paying thousands of dollars per month for an inefficient storage system that couldn’t scale. But by adding Morro Data CloudNAS to their offering, Network Management was able to delight their customer with a highly efficient, scalable solution that’s a perfect fit for their needs, while increasing their own revenue streams. It’s a proverbial win-win.

Another example is Techpoint, a semiconductor company that develops high-definition video technology for video surveillance systems and automotive infotainment systems. Techpoint needs to centrally store, protect, and share very large, business-critical files amongst its multiple offices across North America and Asia, as well as with external teams and partners. The large file sizes made sharing data across their multiple offices difficult, and collaboration was complicated by a lack of file locking and version control, making it easy for users to accidentally overwrite critical data contained in files. In addition, their existing backup and disaster recovery strategy was inefficient, expensive, and failed to fully protect their critical data, putting them at significant risk for catastrophic data loss.

CloudNAS solved these challenges and more for Techpoint – immediately and easily. With CloudNAS, all files are automatically cached in an on-premises  CacheDrive and backups are automatically performed in the background. The files can be immediately and continuously accessed by multiple users at LAN speeds, using the company’s regular broadband connection. Employees are able to share even their largest files across all of their office locations, as well as with external teams and partners. And since CloudNAS supports file locking and version control, there’s no danger of data loss from accidental overwrite. But arguably the greatest benefit the company reaped is the peace of mind in knowing that their business-critical data is fully protected at all times with Morro Data’s cloud-first architecture which immediately stores their data in the cloud, so it’s protected from sitewide disasters is simple and efficient to recover.

As a result, Techpoint benefits from a hybrid cloud storage solution that is far less expensive, remarkably more efficient, and delivers vastly superior data protection compared with their traditional on-premises storage system.

These are just two examples of businesses that have benefited by migrating to a hybrid cloud storage solution. To learn more about how Morro Data can help you reap the best of both worlds by blending the benefits of cloud storage with those of a local filesystem, visit


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