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Using a hybrid cloud file system to meet your storage needs

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July 25, 2018
Using a hybrid cloud file system to meet your storage needs

A recent article of the same title of this blog in the Network World Better Storage for Better Business column, which was guest contributed by Paul Tien, CEO of Morro Data, highlighted some of the problems that can arise as companies join in on moving their data to cloud storage.

In this blog, we expand on how the Morro Data CloudNAS, with its hybrid-cloud architecture, avoids these problems and keeping a familiar user experience that negates the need for additional training.

With its hybrid-cloud architecture, the Morro Data CloudNAS:

  • retains the familiar drive letter user interface.
  • gains all the benefits of cloud scalability and resilience.
  • provides centralized storage with file locking across multiple locations.
  • is all managed from a single web-based console.

CloudNAS transparently makes users in multiple offices appear to be working on a single File Server.  As CloudNAS supports all file types collaboration and sharing files is natural and intuitive across all applications.  Files are accessed through a simple shared drive letter interface.  User and their IT managers no longer need to be concerned with remote access via VPN, or access to files when travelling to other offices, or having stale data.

And with full support for Azure Active Directory, users can use their existing Office 365 credentials to access the storage from any location; simplifying access and increasing productivity for both users and IT managers.

The original Network World article can be viewed here Using a hybrid cloud file system to meet your storage needs.

In the next blog we will take a more in-depth look at some actual case studies.

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