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Hear What People Are Saying about Morro Data

“Excellent solution for remote / satellite offices”
Overall, our organization has been extremely satisfied with the solution. We have a total of 4 devices, all at remote locations, allowing our users to all access the same data. User functions are well thought out, and setup is extremely easy.

Christopher H. - Development Manager

"It has been really great!"
We setup cache drives in offices located in two different cities. Setup is very easy and the drives have worked very reliably. We were able to integrate with our on-prem ActiveDirectory, enabled DFS drive mapping, then moved files over from our file server. It's been very smooth sailing ever since. Having multiple backups of files automatically available has saved us many times.

Ben R. - Director of IT

“One of the best Network storage services you can have that covers ALL the bases.”
Been great and all of my clients love it! We offer to our clients and of course we are a user. The ease of setup and the common sense ease of backup and the ability to make easy changes and see the "flow" of everything all in the software. Love the sharing and the restrictions you can put on it. Love the software app on your devices to access the cloud when you are away from your LAN. And the ease of use to get to the cloud when you don't have access to either of the above!!

Michael S. - CEO

“So far, support has been super responsive to any questions or issues we've had using the service.”
It's easy to use and fast. Users don't need to worry about conflicts and file locking. It syncs between three sites without having to worry about it and it lets us work collaboratively. There's a cloud backup (actually, the master copy) that maintains versioning so we can always rollback to a version if someone accidentally deleted or overwrote a file.

Richard W. - Sr. Design Engineer

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