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Use Morro Data to simplify remote access and collaboration without file server maintenance



How can Morro Data Help Your Business?



Remote Team Collaboration

Increase Efficiencies across Your Remote Offices 

Whether you are in the office or on the road, Morro Data’s cloud-first architecture enables you to access your files or manage your system from anywhere that you have an internet connection. With file syncing and locking, remote Revit teams can work on the same project as if on the same local network. 


Easily Manage Your Data

Remote Maintenance and Management (RMM) through a single-pane interface. Admins can manage users and groups, perform hardware maintenance, audit, and access the entire file system.


Enterprise-level Security Protects Against Ransomware

Instantly restore encrypted or deleted files with file versioning. Customizable versioning policy includes unlimited versions allowing recovery to any point in time. 


Pick the plan that works for you

Morro Data offers Business, Enterprise, and Design Collaboration pricing plans built for scale.



About Morro Data

Morro Data CloudNAS combines the local Gigabit performance of a NAS with the reliability, scalability, and accessibility of the cloud for applications of the high-performance file server on cloud.

Morro Data CloudNAS Global File Services make it simple for businesses of any size to deploy a "single" global file server across all their offices.


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Setup is very easy and the drives have worked very reliably. We were able to integrate with our on-prem Active Directory, enabled DFS drive mapping, then moved files over from our file server.

Ben R. - Director of IT

This solution ensures your files are safe and secure and always backed up. It's a great feeling to know your files are always somewhere.

Michael S. - CEO

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