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A Storage Solution for the Cloud Era

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Morro Data’s CloudNAS Enables MSP to Meet Customer Demands and Close Deals

Network Management, LLC, is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) operating in Cleveland, Ohio. They provide a broad variety of services including on-site support services, consulting services, systems engineering services, procurement services, LAN/WAN design and installation, Internet access, Web and E-Mail support services, Internet and network security, and security systems integration.


A Client’s Request

Network Management continues to grow its customer base of Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Many of their SMB customers have the increasingly complex infrastructure and support needs. Network Management was early to recognize that cloud services represented an increasingly effective and lucrative means of serving their customers’ shifting requirements.

“As an MSP, it’s imperative we listen closely to our clients’ needs and ensure we have the solutions to meet their evolving priorities,” said Nate Ruehs, partner at Network Management. “We knew immediately that as cloud-hosted solutions continued to grow, this would represent a major opportunity for us; not just for our growth but to also keep us relevant for our clients. Our opportunity to leverage Morro Data and CloudNAS was an excellent case in point.”

As with many customer needs, necessity served as the goad to expand Network Management’s portfolio of services. One of their customers, a successful architectural design firm, was looking for a new approach to file storage that would allow them to leverage a cloud-based architecture.

At the time they raised this issue with Network Management, they were paying almost $7K per month to enable 40 employees to access files from each individual desktop. As the size and complexity of the firm’s files continued to grow and as the firm continued to add locations, they realized that their current solution wasn’t going to scale.

It’s clear a new solution was needed. It was also clear that a cloud-based solution would more effectively fit their needs. However, Network Management’s customer had several stipulations about the new solution. First, the customer’s CEO did not want a browser-based solution, as this would require significant re-training for most of the employees. These workers were used to a more traditional file share interface. More importantly though, the files this customer was sharing were so large that any cloud-based solution would severely suffer in terms of performance issues. And that simply couldn’t happen with this customer.


Evaluating Potential Solutions

After some searching, Network Management came upon Morro Data and instantly recognized CloudNAS as the solution that met the client’s demands.

“As an MSP, we were fully aware of the shift to cloud-based services, but for many of customers, file performance was still a really big concern,” said Ruehs. “We’ve sold fewer on-premise file systems in recent years and the client didn’t want one either, but we were struggling to solve the performance issue. With CloudNAS and Morro’s MSPEdge program, it was a simple, parsimonious solution.”


Enter CloudNAS and the MSPEdge Program

Morro Data’s CloudNAS is designed to deliver the performance and scale necessary for businesses with hundreds of users that require large capacity across multiple locations. CloudNAS combines Morro Data’s Cache & Sync technology with its Global File System to ensure businesses have the highest level of file access performance, unlimited storage capacity and collaboration services such as file locks, versioning, and replication.

Morro Data’s MSPEdge makes these capabilities available to MSPs as a new service offering. According to a 2017 survey of SMBs by Clutch, more than 80 percent of this market has adopted paid cloud storage services for backup or other applications. For MSPs, this represents an untapped market hungry for services that deliver superior performance and functionality at an attractive price point.

The MSPEdge platform provides the missing components that address SMB storage pain points. Some of these features include:

  • Hybrid-cloud architecture: CloudNAS is unique in its ability to deliver a NAS-like performance and user experience via its CacheDrive devices combined with cloud reliability, scalability and accessibility
  • Storage Consolidation: CloudNAS makes it simple to consolidate primary and secondary storage across sites and for archive, eliminating hard to manage storage silos
  • Multi-office File Sync: Morro Data is the only vendor that enables SMBs to sync their files across multiple locations without needing a VPNs or sync software
  • Cloud Provider Agnosticism: MSPs can select the cloud provider of their choice, be it AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and more
  • Cloud-based Management of Clients: Morro Cloud Manager makes it easy to deploy, manage, and analyze individual accounts
  • Superior Business Model: Affordable Pricing based on device, not user, enabling MSPs to generate higher margin services


The Result

Not only did Morro Data CloudNAS help Network Management close their deal with their architectural firm client, it worked so well they added CloudNAS to their portfolio of services. As they had witnessed with their own existing clients, files sizes were growing rapidly and the need to protect that data was growing just as fast. As a result, file types like AutoCAD files, video files, design files, and more needed a new way to be shared. This is particularly true for firms with multiple offices spread across the globe.

“Leveraging Morro’s CloudNAS File Services was really a ‘no brainer’ for me,” said Nate Ruehs, partner with MSP Network Management. “They enable me to offer an easy-to-deploy, easily managed service I know my customers want and need at a price point both parties find acceptable. If you have customers that have more than one location, Morro Data’s MSPEdge program is really the only game in town.”