Introducing CloudNAS Essentials

Your Data Storage Just Got Faster, Easier & Even More Affordable

Everything you need to use Cloud Storage

CloudNAS Essentials provides all you need to evolve your NAS Storage to the Cloud while keeping the local File Server performance and user experience. Ideal for Tiering Storage to Cloud, supplementing existing on-prem storage with unlimited cloud, Storage Consolidation, NAS extension, and replacement. Stop buying drives and experience the benefit of the Cloud.

Cloud NAS

Unlimited Capacity

Cloud storage virtualizes your file server so you never have to worry about running out of space.

High Performance NAS

Files are cached locally with high performance NAS access and bandwidth optimization.

Enterprise Features

Versioning, Encryption, Deduplication, and Compression helps manage your files and protect your data.

Backup & DR

Progressive Backups

Backup only files that change to reduce bandwidth requirements. CacheDrive presents an unlimited backup target.

Restore Individual Files

Restore files without having to restore your entire backup. Versioning means users can find an old version of their files at any time.

Fast Disaster Recovery

Sync complete file system metadata in minutes when provisioning new or replacement CacheDrives.

  • Store Anything
  • Manage Your Data, Not Your Backups
  • Drive Letter Access
  • Low Cost, High Performance

CloudNAS File Services together with Wasabi offers a low-cost, high performance storage solution.

Morro Data CloudNAS 3-in-1 File Services is the perfect complement to Wasabi’s utility-scale commodity file storage. With CloudNAS delivering cached cloud storage keeping the local NAS performance and experience, combined with Wasabi’s low cost, high-performance storage and elimination of storage tiers, businesses can centralize all files in the cloud without storage limits, giving full visibility and instant data recovery from any location. It eliminates data loss issues with unlimited data storage solution with file level lock and versioning. Now the cloud is not just for the backup anymore.

The Combo


  • Complete file management and storage solution at an affordable price
  • Scale your data capacity to the cloud with no hardware and software changes
  • Automatic off-site backup for greater data security and protection from Ransomware
  • Morro CloudNAS versioning and file level locking with Wasabi a low-cost, fast and reliable cloud storage
  • Benefits:

  • Local NAS performance with the power of the cloud, and powerful price-performance package.
  • Instantly increase the ability to control, manage and sync files, while achieving remarkable cost savings.
  • Centralized data management, reduced risk and improve user access by leveraging Wasabi as hot cloud storage destination.
  • Seamless integration.
  • Built from the Ground Up for the Cloud Era

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