CloudNAS Hybrid Cloud File Services for Global Collaboration

CloudNAS Plans

From single device startups to multi-site enterprises, choose the plan that best fits your needs.


Low cost Wasabi Hot Storage ideal for Single-Site or Backup and DR


Multi-site and Choice of Cloud Storage Providers


Larger organizations, Enhanced IT Governance and Control

Plan Details

  • Unlimited Capacity
  • Bring Your Own Storage
  • No Critical Hardware
  • No More Backups
Your Storage in the Cloud

Morro Data gives you enterprise-level data management solutions for all levels of business sizes with the Morro Cloud (powered by Amazon S3 or Wasabi Storage).  Never worry about losing files,  with  Amazon S3, your data is stored across multiple facilities and in multiple devices per facility, ensuring the ability to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities.  Cloud Storage has been designed for 99.999999999% durability with 99.99% availability and data immutability which prevents data deletion, destruction or attacks.

  • 100x Faster Than Cloud
  • Drive Letter Interface
  • Store and Move On
  • Free Up Your Hardrive
Gigabit LAN Performance

With the Morro CacheDrive, users can access files in the cloud with the same speed as if they were on their own local network. The Morro CacheDrive intelligently downloads files only once and only when accessed. Once in the local cache, files are shared by all users, saving on download traffic and costly bandwidth.

  • Single File
  • Recent
  • Global Sync
  • Access from
    Multiple Devices
Centralized File System

The Morro Global File System provides a single file system interface allowing you to access your files from any location as if you’re on the same network. File shares are synchronized using Morro’s Cache and Sync so your users have access to the latest version of their files from all locations as if they are using a centralized file server.

  • Deduplication &
  • Versioning
  • AES256
  • SSL
Advanced Storage Features

Optimize your cloud storage with our deduplication feature which makes sure that copies of the same file are saved only once in the cloud.

Storage Providers

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Centralize Device Management with Morro Cloud Manager

Manage your devices and users globally, including setup, reboot, and shutdown. Integrates seamlessly with Active Directory and Azure AD


Deploy devices remotely in minutes

Setting up Morro devices in both local and remote offices is a breeze. Use Azure AD for single sign on cloud-based identity management, included with Office 365 for Business.


Manage devices, users, and storage globally

Simply manage cloud storage as if managing a local server without the pain of hardware maintenance or software patches.


Reduce storage costs with Morro Analytics

Understand data usage in order to optimize storage for cost savings.

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