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Morro Data Advances Performance and Scale of Global File Services with CacheDrive R1100

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Morro Data Advances Performance and Scale of Global File Services with CacheDrive R1100


Morro Data Advances Performance and Scale of Global File Services with CacheDrive R1100 

New Rack-mounted Cache File Server Delivers 10GbE Performance for Large Files and Multiple Office Collaboration in The Cloud. 

FREMONT, Calif. – October 17, 2017 – Morro Data, an innovative provider of cloud-first global file services, today announced the advancement of its CloudNAS Enterprise service to dramatically improve workflow performance and scale, including its first rackmount cache file server – CacheDrive R1100. The CacheDrive R1100 allows Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) with hundreds of users to scale cloud capacity, manage files across multiple offices, and collaborate on large file formats without disrupting workflow. Now, the R1100, in conjunction with CloudNAS Enterprise, delivers the most versatile 3-in-1 global file services solution for unlimited file storage, multiple-office sync, and disaster recovery. 

“With customers demanding larger on-premises cache gateways to handle large data sets, we are intr oducing R1100 to accelerate their global workflow. As data growth continues to compound, our Cache & Sync Technology and Global File System have done well for businesses who need to collaborate globally with large files,” said Paul Tien, founder and CEO of Morro Data. “CloudNAS Enterprise, now with the addition of CacheDrive R1100 and Active Directory support, addresses the highest demand of global file sharing by providing a large cache with 10GbE network connection.” 

With the introduction of CacheDrive R1100 and Morro Data’s software support for Microsoft Active Directory, installation is nearly plug-n-play. The R1100 delivers 16TB of cache drive capacity in a compact 1U form factor. This allows IT professionals to seamlessly integrate the R1100 into racks, making it an immediate upgrade to an existing data workflow. 

Additionally, the CacheDrive R1100 was built for enterprise-level performance thanks to its Intel Xeon Quad Core processor, ECC memory, enterprise hard disk drives, and 10GbE networking. Together with Morro Data’s CloudNAS Enterprise service – featuring Morro’s Cache & Sync Technology and Global File System – the CacheDrive R1100 delivers one of the most robust, cost-efficient solutions for larger scale operations in the cloud.  


  • 1RU form factor
  • Intel Xeon E3 Quad Core processor 
  • 16GB ECC memory 
  • 16TB cache (which in turn support up 180TB cloud storage capacity) 
  • 10GbE network for highest local performance 
  • 250 users 

There are a number of industries such as media & entertainment, architecture & engineering, life science, and machine vision, waiting to make the transition to the cloud and improve multiple office collaboration without compromising workflow. Now, with CloudNAS Enterprise’s support for Active Directory, in addition to file locking, versioning, and replication, any type of content creator can leverage the cloud for daily review or specialized edits.  Thanks to the addition of CacheDrive R1100’s 16GB cache, E3 processor, and 10GE network performance, they can implement a massive cloud footprint, while delivering large files to-and-from the cloud at local network speeds. 

Morro Data will be at SMB TechFest on October 19, 2017, to speak with customers about our entire suite of products and services. For more information visit 

Pricing and Availability  

Morro Data CacheDrive R1100 is available now for $2999. For more product and service information visit  

About CloudNAS Enterprise  

Morro Data’s CloudNAS Enterprise service delivers the performance and scale necessary for businesses with hundreds of users that require large capacity, across multiple locations. Additionally, CloudNAS Enterprise combines Morro Data’s Cache & Sync technology with its Global File System to ensure businesses have the highest level of performance, capacity and collaboration services such as file locks, versioning, and replication. In addition, with its support for Active Directory, CloudNAS Enterprise makes it easy to incorporate into existing IT infrastructures. 

Morro Data delivers 3-in-1 global files services by combining:  

  1. Unlimited Primary or Archive Storage on Morro Cloud, AWS S3, or Backblaze 
  2. Multiple Office File Sync with Morro’s Global File System 
  3. Instant Disaster Recovery by syncing TB’s of file system to a newly provisioned CacheDrive in minutes 

About Morro Data 

Morro Data was founded in Fremont, CA, by Paul Tien. Paul, who is one of the original visionaries for simple, high capacity, desktop storage for SMBs. A decade ago he launched ReadyNAS, which was later acquired by NETGEAR. Now, Paul and the Morro Data team strive to reinvent NAS for the Cloud era. Morro Data continues its legacy for simple IT, by moving NAS to the Cloud for reliable, accessible and scalable data storage, all while delivering local gigabit performance. Morro Data’s CloudNAS Series is 3-in-1 global file services for businesses to quickly and efficiently manage unlimited file storage, multiple-office sync, and disaster recovery. For more information, visit 

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