File Collaboration Support for Autodesk AutoCAD and Revit

Multi-site Sync and Data Consolidation

CloudNAS supports AutoCAD and Revit file locking specifications to allow simple plug-and-play sync between multiple sites for AEC businesses. Keep all your files in a unified space, safe from disaster, and synced seemlessly between all of your offices.

With the CacheDrive, you maintain drive letter access to your entire unified cloud file system, no matter the total size and regardless of local storage capacity. Backup and sync is as easy as drag and drop, with no additional software required. Your most used files are kept locally for a fast and bandwidth-saving alternative to on-premises storage and backup. Additionally, access all of your files remotely through the Morro Cloud Manager from any browser or from the Morro Connect app for Windows or Mac.

Never run out of space again, the cloud scales infinitely to fit your storage needs. With affordable pricing and no storage tiers, you can store all of your data in the cloud worry-free with instant access to archived files.

Morro Cloud Manager

Simple Setup, Disaster Recovery, and Maintenance

Set up new locations or recover data access in minutes by simply adding a new CacheDrive. No additional software or VPNs required. With integrated Active Directory and Azure AD, enjoy automatic onboarding and access permissions with the same logins you already use.

Designed for the cloud era, your data is stored safely and efficiently with compression, deduplication, encryption, and versioning.

Remote Maintenance and Management (RMM) through Morro Cloud Manager. Admins can manage users and groups, perform hardware maintenance, audit, access the entire file system, and more from anywhere with an internet connection.

Large Scale File Transfer

Forget about the pain (and cost) of file transfer. With no egress / download fees on Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage, enjoy large scale file transfer to anywhere at no additional cost. Send share links from Morro Cloud Manager and have the recipient be notified when the upload is completed for babysit-free file transfer. Retain all your files in the cloud afterwards for the same flat price.

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