Simplifying Network Connectivity for All Your Offices


Global File Services and Global WAN Services
for Today's Distributed Businesses

Looking for an easy and affordable way to consolidate file servers across multiple sites without costly VPN's or SD-WAN's? Morro Data offers a hybrid cloud solution that makes it simple for businesses of any size to deploy a "single" global file server across all their offices. Unlike other solutions, Morro Data offers REAL-TIME synchronization (with file locking), so it is just like accessing a traditional file server on the LAN.

Build An Effective Remote Team
for Multi-Site Design Collaboration

Morro Data’s real-time file locking is managed by the cloud server with global access to improve your current business continuity. Files are stored in the cloud and synced to the CacheDrive gateway at each site. Each CacheDrive keeps a copy of the design files for fast access. The user performs ”Sync-with-Central” to upload the latest design to the central server (cloud) and sync with other sites.

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