“What is good for enterprise is also beneficial for small and medium businesses. However, the same technology needs to be redesigned to be more user friendly, more affordable, and more integrated.”
– Paul Tien / Founder & CEO of Morro Data.

About Morro

In the last decade, the Morro core team broke ground in business storage by introducing the first enterprise-grade network-attached storage called ReadyNAS for SMBs, professionals, and advanced consumers. In 2007, ReadyNAS was acquired by NETGEAR and became the market leader in SMB network-attached storage.

Today, as cloud storage descends onto enterprises, the same core team, including founder Paul Tien, is once again bringing the latest enterprise storage paradigm – cached cloud storage gateways – to SMBs, professionals, and advanced consumers.

Morro Data has developed the world’s first cluster-based, cloud storage gateway architecture for the SMB. Files are stored in the cloud, cached in the CacheDrive, and synced globally. It’s the best of both worlds: cloud reliability with local performance.

Morro Cloud is a simple-to-use, yet powerful, global file system storage solution for businesses of all sizes. Our vision is to help businesses migrate data to the cloud while maintaining the same level of performance and compatibility as local file servers.