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Secure File Share Anywhere Access - Partner Webinar

Join MyWorkDrive and Morro Data as we co-host a webinar to show you a better way of remote collaboration. Help your team work together more efficiently and effectively with remote file locking, auto backup, and most of all, centralized cloud storage. No need to train employees on a new system. No need to hunt down that file across multiple servers and storage silos.

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JumpCloud + SharePoint + CloudNAS

High performance collaboration without on-prem servers with Morro Data CloudNAS, JumpCloud, and Office 365 SharePoint.

CloudNAS 3.0: Replicate

Learn about the share type Replicate, introduced in CloudNAS 3.0

NAS to CloudNAS

Migrate Files Form NAS to CloudNAS - Partner Webinar

Join the webinar to find out how Morro Data can help channel partners build an IT roadmap for their clients. In the one-hour webinar, we invite Jacob Tukuru, CEO of Tukuru Technologies to discuss their use cases and time for Q&A. 

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Morro Data webinar for AEC companies. The topic is related to Morro Data file system and cloud backups with file locking

Global File Sync and File Lock for AEC - Morro Data Webinar

Join the webinar to find out how hybrid cloud global file services can help AEC companies bring file servers to their users without bandwidth limitation. 

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Azure AD Integration

Learn about the share type Replicate, introduced in CloudNAS 3.0

How Cache and Sync Works

Learn how Morro Data CloudNAS delivers its Cache and Sync technology. In this video, we go into the details of our CacheDrive hardware and CloudNAS file services. ...

Paul Tien featured on Home Gadget Geeks

Paul Tien, CEO of Morro Data, joins Jim Collison and Mike Wieger for show #343 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network ...

CloudNAS Series Tutorial: Multiple Office Sync

In this tutorial, learn how to add a new CacheDrive remotely, add Shares to that CacheDrive, and add a new User to access those Shares ...

How Cache Works

Cache is King: Cached Cloud Storage is Faster, Smarter and Global Morro Data is introducing Cached Cloud Storage for the SMB, where files are stored in the Morro cloud, cached in the Morro CacheDrive ...

Morro Data and ReadyNAS Founder Paul Tien talks History of NAS Storage and Future in Cache

Jim Collison is joined by Morro Data and ReadyNAS founder Paul Tien and Morro Data Customer Success Manager ...

Connect to CacheDrive Mac

Mac users: Learn these simple steps to connect to your Morro CacheDrive ...

Morro Data Multi Sync vs Cloud

Centralize Device Management with Morro Cloud Manager. Manage devices in your offices globally, including setup, reboot, shut down and user management. ...

Morro Data Multi Sync vs VPN

No VPN means No Maintenance. A FASTER and RELIABLE data sharing solution: MORRO DATA ...