Cloud-to-Cloud Sync between Office 365 SharePoint

Document Library and CloudNAS Share

Morro Data CloudNAS modernizes enterprise storage with a scalable and distributed hybrid cloud architecture. Connected through a global file system, CacheDrive caching gateways are deployed on premises to store and sync office documents and design files while presenting the fast, secure, and familiar NAS interface to users. Applications for CloudNAS include multi-site sync, cloud backup and archive, and collaboration.

SharePoint Sync with CloudNAS enables SharePoint Online users to experience fast NAS access of SharePoint Document Library files with the added benefit of cloud-to-cloud (C2C) backup. Conversely by syncing with SharePoint, CloudNAS users can sync files with the Office 365 environment and its many applications.


Sharepoint File Synchronization


SharePoint Sync

Cost Reduction

Reduce SharePoint storage cost with SharePoint-to-CloudNAS C2C archive.

SharePoint Sync

Business Continuity

Protect SharePoint files with SharePoint-to-CloudNAS C2C backup.

SharePoint Sync

Better Performance

Add NAS performance and mapped drive access to SharePoint with SharePoint-CloudNAS C2C sync.

SharePoint Sync

Rich Applications

Connect CloudNAS files to SharePoint in Office 365 and its many applications.

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