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Accelerated Hybrid Cloud for Creative Professionals

Multisite Collaboration for Creative Professionals

Video editing is a compute-intensive workflow that has traditionally been performed by a team using a high-performance storage network. However, the rise of distributed workplaces has made team collaboration across multiple sites a challenge, especially when dealing with large media files. Although the use of proxy and compression codecs can help, it does not completely address the file access issues.

Morro Data CloudNAS provides an efficient solution to this problem by synchronizing large files among distributed workplaces. Instead of requiring users to access the data in a central location, the file server is brought to wherever the user is. This creates a high-performance environment where editors at different locations can create, edit, and produce with minimal attention to the transfer and sharing of files.

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Simple IT for the Creative Department

Set up new locations in minutes by simply adding a new CacheDrive. No additional software or VPNs required. Your data is stored safely and efficiently with compression, deduplication, encryption, and versioning.

Manage through the Morro Cloud Manager on shares and folders, users, and permissions, all without the worry of running out of storage space.



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