HIPAA Compliance for Storing electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI)


Consolidate Data and Sync Multiple Sites

Bring all your data under a unified system, automatically sync and back up to the cloud to make all your data secure and accessible from any of your locations. Access frequently used files at gigabit speeds and save bandwidth with the CacheDrive. No complicated systems to learn, access the CacheDrive like a local network drive for a seemless drag and drop interface.

Retain instant access to archived files with the CloudNAS global file system. With no tiered data and a flat affordable price, enjoy the best of cloud backup and sync without the pains (or cost) of hot and cold data. With the unlimited scale of CloudNAS, you never have to worry about running out of storage space again.
Files are encrypted in transit and at rest in the cloud, so your ePHI always stays secure.


Set up and Disaster Recovery in Minutes

With a Cloud-first architecture and non-critical hardware, your files are always safe in the cloud from disaster. Recover data access in minutes by plugging in a new CacheDrive and connecting it to your account.

Expand locations by simply adding more CacheDrives. Assign shares and proper user/group access and CloudNAS takes care of the rest. No additional sync or backup software required.

In the case that the data must be accessed immediately, such as an emergency, the entire file system can be accessed from the cloud by an authorized user through the Morro Cloud Manager web portal from a browser.


Security and Audit

Manage user data access permissions, Audit, and more in our remote management and maintenance suite Morro Cloud Manager. Read our blog about how our hybrid cloud environment is protected here.

Audit users' access and activities for compliance and retrospective breach analysis/investigation. Customized Audit Reports can be generated, saved, and downloaded. Audit is available for all CloudNAS Enterprise plans and is purchasable as an addon for CloudNAS Business. Learn more here.

CloudNAS integrates with Azure AD for unified identity management. Those already using Office 365 can use the same credentials and security features. Read more here.


HIPAA BAA in place with these Storage Providers



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