File Versioning: Protection Against Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are constantly evolving, making them challenging to block completely. However, with Morro Versioning, you have the best protection against ransomware. Our Rapid Recovery feature ensures that you can quickly and effectively restore your data, minimizing the impact of any attack.



Introducing Morro Data File Versioning

Morro Versioning integrates Backup and Restore functions with the file system. Its customizable versioning policy includes unlimited versions, enabling recovery to any point in time. Learn More.


Morro Versioning vs. Snapshots

File Versioning provides more flexibility than snapshots. Snapshots usually apply broadly across the entire file system or shares, whereas File Versioning offers granular control, allowing for management at the level of individual files or folders. This enables individual restoration without affecting other parts of the file system.

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