Remote Access

Remotely Access Your Files From Anywhere

Whether you are in the office or on the road, Morro Data’s cloud-first architecture enables you to access your files or manage your system from anywhere that you have an internet connection without requiring access to a CacheDrive. Every account has a Team Portal accessed through a unique sub-domain that you specify. The Team Portal can be accessed through a browser or our local app Morro Connect.

Morro Cloud Manager

Access the Team Portal from any browser and gain access to your entire file system in the cloud. With Azure AD integration, use the same login credentials as your Office 365/ Microsoft Business Account.

Morro Connect App

Morro Connect enables remote access to your complete CloudNAS file system through a convenient local app. Upload, Download, and Browse files from anywhere. In addition, Morro Connect makes it very simple for MacOS users to mount and access network shares when locally connected to the CacheDrive. Available for download in both the Windows Store and Mac App Store.

Third Party Integration Through ECHO

ECHO creates a two-way sync with file sharing services Dropbox and OneDrive. Simply connect your Dropbox or OneDrive account and assign to a share. A folder will automatically be created in the file sharing app and mirrors the assigned share to enable sharing and transfer. Download the file sharing service’s mobile app to access files from your phone.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

The Morro Cloud Manager provides a single-pane interface for managing your CloudNAS solution. IT managers or managed service providers (MSPs) can remotely perform hardware maintenance, access your complete file system, manage users and groups, view activity logs, and more.

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