CloudNAS 3-in-1 is NAS without Limits

Unlimited File Storage - Multiple Office File Sync - Instant Disaster Recovery

CloudNAS 3-in-1 File Services

Infinite Capacity

Cloud storage virtualizes your file server so you never have to worry about running out of space.

No Maintenance

No more critical hardware. CacheDrives can be replaced in an instant, so you can be up and running as fast as you can power on the device.

Enterprise Storage Features

Versioning, Encryption, Deduplication, and Compression helps manage your files and protect your data.

No VPN or Sync Software

Users have access to files without needing to access the central office or syncing files between on-prem storage solutions.

Optimized for Sync

Users can see all their files without having to wait for the entire file to be available at remote sites.

Setup in Minutes

Purpose built for sync. Admins just need to add a CacheDrive at each location and users can access files using a drive letter interface.

Progressive Backups

Backup only files that change. Only send the files you need to send to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Access Individual Files

Restore files without having to restore your entire backup. Versioning means users can find an old version of their files at any time.

Zero Recovery Time

Files are in the cloud so that files accessible from anywhere combined with no critical hardware means your files are available to you at all times.

The CloudNAS Series Has Been Built from the Ground Up for
Better Performance, Scale and Cost


The Morro CacheDrive allows you to transfer and access files in and out of the Morro Cloud at gigabit speed.


Cloud storage allows you to easily scale out your storage capacity while enabling you to only pay for what you use.


Morro Storage is powered by Amazon S3 designed for 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability.

Bring Your Own

Already have a cloud storage account? We work with cloud storage providers Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, OneDrive and Dropbox.

Vaporize Your NAS into the Cloud

Read our e-Book on how you can transform your cloud storage from just backup to your primary storage.

Cache & Sync Technology Brings the
Cloud Closer to You…

Global File Access at Gigabit Speed 

See how a CacheDrive brings the cloud closer to you

With Morro Cache & Sync, users can access files in the cloud with the same speed as if they were using a NAS. The Morro CacheDrive File Server intelligently downloads files only once and only when accessed. Once in the local cache, files are shared by all users, saving on download traffic and costly bandwidth. New files are Synced to the cloud and across offices with File Locks for real-time collaboration.

Featured Case Study: EIGHT25MEDIA, Ranked as Silicon Valley’s #1 Web Design Firm

Morro Helped EIGHT25MEDIA save over 80% from their current solution by removing per-user fees

  • With Morro's no per-user fee, EIGHT25MEDIA was able to save over 80% on their overall cloud storage costs.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Sketch files ranging between 150-300MB are synced on a daily basis in real time between their two offices.
  • Saved over 40% of their bandwidth costs using Morro Data's Cache and Sync technology.
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Your Data, Your Cloud. FASTER

The Morro Data CloudNAS series works with the following cloud storage providers.

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