CloudNAS vs Azure File Sync

Backup, Sync, and Transfer at 1/3 the storage cost, with no egress fees and minimal setup.

Morro Data Global File Services provide file storage and data stored in a secure, reliable infrastructure. With Morro’s storage accounts, you can quickly manage your data through SMB protocol with Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux.


Real-time and Scheduled Sync.
Manual sync available.

Remote team collaboration (support AutoCAD and Revit).
File Locking.

Monthly storage price (no per user fee).
No egress or download fees.
No software or additional tools to install.

Simple IT.

Based on thin appliance cache gateway.

Azure File Sync

Scheduled Sync (once per day upload frequency).
No manual sync.

Standard file replication.
No file locking.

Azure files pricing.
File upload and download fees.
IT team management fees.

Complexity of deployment and management.

Based on Windows File Server and Azure.