Fast File Transfer and Backup

Replicate gives an additional option for data-hungry organizations to manage their data. Replicate is ideal for uploading files to cloud storage and making replica copies of files in one or more secondary locations for extra backup security. Replicate is also a fast, effective, lightweight method to copy or transfer files between sites.

An alternative to real-time sync, save your files and have them replicated on a set schedule to a secondary site as a read-only share. With its lightweight overhead, the file transfer can be enhanced for further speed and bandwidth optimization. This results in faster file transfer across the board, with smaller files seeing up to a 2.5x speed improvement. Replicate runs in parallel with Sync, allowing multiple workloads to be handled on the same appliance, with real-time Sync taking priority.

Up to 2.5x Speed Over Sync

One Way File Transfer

Manage Workloads

Send Data Off-site


Share Type Sync Replicate
Source Multiple Single
Destination Multiple (R/W) Multiple (Read Only)
Time Granularity Continuous Scheduled
Caching Yes Yes
Prefetch Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Versioning Versions are created whenever files are saved Only versions at scheduled times are saved
Bandwidth More consumed for continuous syncing Can be reduced by scheduling
Cloud Storage Supported Amazon S3
Backblaze B2
Amazon S3

Alternative to File Transfer

Use scheduled backups to send read-only data off-site. Even including the hardware purchase, our solution is cheaper than large scale data transfer alternatives. Choose Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and enjoy no egress fees. Plus, enjoy the simplicity of an all-in-one solution and continue to access all of your data in the cloud afterwards (with accelerated access from the CacheDrive) at no extra charge.

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