Technical Overview

Remote Team Collaboration for Design®

Multi-site Collaboration for Autodesk Applications with CloudNAS

Morro Data CloudNAS modernizes enterprise file sharing with a scalable and distributed hybrid cloud architecture. Connected through a global file system, CacheDrive gateways are deployed on premises to store files in the cloud and sync among multiple sites while presenting the fast, secure, and familiar NAS interface to users. Applications for CloudNAS include multi-site sync, cloud backup and archive, and collaboration. RTC for Revit is a vertically integrated App as part of the CloudNAS File Services.

Remote Team Collaboration for Design enables remote teams to work on the same project as if on the same local network using Autodesk applications including Revit, AutoCAD, Civil3D, Bluebeam. For example, Revit users can perform Sync-with-Central and Reload Latest operations across remote sites and CloudNAS handles the necessary file syncing and locking in the background. The project files are safely stored in the cloud and cached to the local CacheDrive gateway for performance.

Key Benefits

  • Remote Collaboration: Sync and lock files among multiple users
  • Business Continuity: Files are safely stored in the cloud
  • Easy Expansion: Simply add CacheDrive to expand the number of sites
  • Rich Applications: Consolidate needs for primary and secondary data with CloudNAS Apps


Did You Know

Morro Global File System

The Morro global file system provides multi-site collaborative file services for sync, lock, transfer, and caching. Interfaces supported include SMB (Windows, Mac) and Web with ACL. At each CacheDrive, users complete unlimited file system is presented as a single namespace.

Object Storage

Morro Data supports S3 compatible object storage including AWS S3 and Azure, presenting a single interface to different storage tiers and cloud providers for collaboration/sync (primary), transfer/replication, backup, and archive.

Global File Services

Consolidated Data Management:

  • Unlimited cloud capacity
  • Primary + Backup in one global namespace
  • Multiple cloud providers to save cost
  • Deduped and Encrypted

Multi-Site File Sync and Lock:

  • NAS Interface for cloud data. No VPN.
  • Global file locking
  • Add CacheDrive for fast Disaster Recovery
  • Large File Transfer

Cloud-to-Cloud Sync:

  • Sync with SharePoint
  • Backup to economic cloud storage
  • Business Continuity
  • User error recovery


Morro Data Features

File Services

Consolidated Data Management

NAS access with cloud reliability for primary and secondary data

Multi-Site Sync

Store files in cloud and sync files locally with cache. Add CacheDrive for easy expansion and instant disaster recovery

Cloud-to-Cloud Sync

Sync and backup SharePoint and other cloud files

Global File System

Global Namespace

Data in cloud and synced across gateways in a single namespace. Gateway cache enables high performance access to unlimited file system

Unlimited Storage

Choice of Cloud Storage providers for primary and secondary data

Storage Pool

Pool specifies where and how data is stored and synced. A pool contains multiple shares. Pool types include Sync, Replicate, and Gateway

Share Access

Network share with user access and gateway access controls

Global File Locking

Lock Office and other application files across gateways for remote collaboration.Remote Team Collaboration for OfficeRemote Team Collaboration for Design

Disaster Recovery

Fast metadata sync for replacement gateway for full file system access

File Versioning

Version control of 1, 3, 30, 300, unlimited versions, or customized versioning policy. Restore prior versions for ransomware recovery


Automatic download to destination gateway vs. on-demand download


Files are de-duplicated to save cloud storage and upload bandwidth


Files are compressed to save cloud storage and upload bandwidth

Bandwidth Limiting

Control sync window and sync bandwidth per share

Share Mapping

Shares can be optionally mapped to gateways for security

Advanced SMB Share Controls

Options to enable oplocks and to use Extended Attributes to save streams

Share Links

Create a secure link for accessing file(s) or folder(s) to share with external users with a specified expiration 



Files are encrypted both in transit and at rest in cloud

Access Based Enumeration

Hidden shares

Web Access Security

ACL-based file access permission

User Management

Users and Groups

User and Group access permissions

Active Directory

Supports Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD

User Permissions

Access permission per user/group/location (read only / RW / no access)

Location Based Permissions

File access based on Gateway (location) and on/off premises

Share Folder Security

Manage shared folder’s ownership and access control list

System Interface

NAS Interface

Present shares the same as NAS, with unlimited capacity

Local Network Interface

Support SMB protocol version 2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1 working with Windows and MacOS clients

Client OS Support

Windows, MAC OSX, Linux, Major Browser

Web Interface

Team Portal for ACL-based file access and management. Upload files and create folders to shares. Manage file versions, download, rename, copy, move, delete, purge files, create share link for files

Morro Cloud Manager

Gateway Management

Globally manage all gateways on MCM

File System Management

Globally manage all shares in a Global Namespace


Usage analytics and system diagram


Storage usage, User activities, and Data transfer activities

Role Based Management

Business Admin, Global Admin, Regular User

Users and Groups

Users, Primary Group, Secondary Groups


By category – team/device/file system. By severity – information/warning/error


Cloud-to-Cloud Sync

Sync shares with SharePoint document library, Dropbox or OneDrive

Morro Audit

Access history for retrospective investigation

Morro Migrate

Managed data migration to cloud

Morro Duplicate

Morro Duplicate allows users to backup files and permissions from Morro Global File System to an existing on-premises file server or NAS


Slack integration for Management Alerts


CacheDrive Models

Desktop – G80, G80 Pro
Mini-Tower – T600mini
Rackmount 1U – R1100
Virtual Appliance – V200 for Vmware, V201 for Hyper-V, V202 CacheDrive in Cloud, Azure, V203 CacheDrive in Cloud, AWS

Device Information

CacheDrive Model number, serial number, firmware version, IP address, UUID and cache size

Cloud Caching

Files are uploaded to cloud through cache, presenting access window to unlimited file system size

Backup Target

Unlimited backup target through cache

NAS Interface

SMB network share interface same as NAS


Files are de-duplicated on gateway to save upload bandwidth


Files are compressed on gateway to save upload bandwidth and storage


Files are encrypted on gateway before upload

Upload Status

Monitor upload status, speed, remaining upload and files

Prefetch Status

Monitoring prefetch files, status, speed etc.

Advanced Device Option

Hostname and SMB version selection

Device Clock

Global time zone based device clock

Device Management

Shutdown, reboot, and scheduled firmware update from centralized cloud management UI

Green Computing

Low power consumption gateway replacing traditional NAS or file server

Cloud Storage

Amazon S3

US (OR, VA, OH, CA), Canada (Montreal), UK (London), Germany (Frankfurt), Australia, Japan (Tokyo), Singapore, China (Beijing, Ningxia)

Azure Blob

BYOS All Regions


US East (Virginia), US West (Oregon), Japan, BYOS

Backblaze B2


RSTOR Cloud Storage

BYOS All Regions

Seagate Lyve Cloud

BYOS All Regions