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Hybrid Cloud Storage for Video Surveillance

Video surveillance storage methods are evolving; storing surveillance footage on direct-attached devices was at one point the norm. As technology changed, ethernet storage area network via iSCSI and network-attached storage (NAS) became the choice method. Coupled with longer data retention times which equates to higher on-premise storage costs, have triggered a new change. Video Surveillance applications have now begun to shift to the Cloud bringing huge benefits and challenges. This solution brief will cover some of the challenges and explain how Morro Data's Hybrid-Cloud architecture solves these challenges.


How Morro Data Cloud NAS Works

Cloud Data Retrieval can cause delays. With CloudNAS, this problem is easily solved. All live data and historical camera feeds are centralized and accessible locally or remotely. Morro's CacheDrive gateway allows users to access files 100x faster than traditional cloud services. Thanks to Cache & Sync and cloud computing technology, the VMS quickly and efficiently access video footage without lengthy upload/download times. Most recently accessed files are cached locally, while the VMS application can promptly bring down older empty (metadata) files in the event of a security incident.

Video Surveillance Solution Cover

When it comes to safeguarding your surveillance footage, AES 256 encryption is supported on files in transit and at rest in the Cloud. CloudNAS supports Active Directory, Azure AD, or Morro Users Mode for user authentication, supporting most IT environments keeping your data safe! In the event of an incident delivering viewable content is made easy! When it comes to content delivery, Morro has you covered. Using the Morro Connect application or the web-based Morro Connect Manager (MCM), the VMS administrator and staff can share recently transcoded H.264/H.265 content with anyone from anywhere on the fly. To ensure data integrity, real-time file locking is managed by the cloud server. Files are first locked, synced to all CacheDrives, and unlocked. This prevents any conflicts and, most importantly, keeps your data safe. The global file system presents the latest version to all users while preserving the previous versions, removing the need for manual update management. Morro Audit tracks all file access for record-keeping in a searchable Cloud database in the event of user error or retrospective investigation.

Large Scale Global File Sync

Forget about the pain (and cost) of the file transfer. Send share links from Morro Cloud Manager and have the recipient be notified when the upload is completed for babysit-free file transfer. Retain all your files in the cloud afterward for the same flat price.

Latency between application and storage significantly impacts user productivity. With CacheDrive, data latency is significantly reduced compared to direct cloud access.


Simple Setup and Remote Access

Set up new locations or recover data access in minutes by simply adding a new CacheDrive. No additional software or VPNs required. With integrated Active Directory and Azure AD, enjoy automatic onboarding and access permissions with the same logins you already use.

Designed for the cloud era, video footage is stored safely and efficiently with compression, deduplication, encryption, and versioning.

Remote Maintenance and Management (RMM) through Morro Cloud Manager. Admins can manage users and groups, perform hardware maintenance, audit, access the entire file system, and more from anywhere with an internet connection.

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