Global File Sync for Web Design

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EIGHT25MEDIA is a Silicon Valley based web design and development agency with offices located in North America and Asia. EIGHT25MEDIA has won numerous design awards and had been named the top web design agency by Clutch.co. Their clients include major companies in both the B2B and B2C space such as Machine Zone, SoftBank, Space Systems Loral, and Heineken.


Battling Poor Network Connectivity and Internet Outages

EIGHT25MEDIA’s designers need to be able to easily and efficiently transfer and sync large design files between their two global locations. Files such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch typically range from 100MB to 400MB in size with each project containing 5 to 15 files each. It takes the designers 30 to 40 minutes daily to sync their files to the cloud. EIGHT25MEDIA’s office in Asia has poor network connectivity and bandwidth metering which creates stress on the network and makes using traditional cloud storage solutions such as Dropbox slow, difficult, and costly.


Syncing Files Across Global Offices

With Morro Data, the designers can drag and drop files to the CacheDrive and then walk away from the computer, leaving the CacheDrive to send the files up to the cloud on its own. Uploading a 300MB file would take just 3 seconds as compared to the 10 minutes or more it would have taken before. The files then sync back down to the second office before the designers there start their day.


Morro Speeds Up File Syncing Across Locations

The CacheDrive also solves the issue of network traffic caused by each person having to upload and download files from the cloud. Now, the teams avoid using up EIGHT25MEDIA’s internet bandwidth because they can see the files in the CacheDrive and access them directly from there rather than from the cloud.

“Morro Data has transformed how we transport files between our offices. With each office coming online while the other is going offline efficient transferring of large files is a top priority to EIGHT25MEDIA. Morro’s Cache Cloud Acceleration allows our designers to upload large files in seconds compared to the 30 to 40 minutes they were spending each day with our previous cloud storage solution. We also love the cost savings from the bandwidth efficiency and reduction in per-user fees.” said Jahzeel Omar, head of digital strategy at EIGHT25MEDIA.